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Here are several of my most recent recordings that I created in my Another Time Music Studion over the last several months. Here is a little about each one of them.

Exhileration is one of my earliest compositions dating back to 1979 when I was in Los Angeles playing with the progressive rock band IXT ADUX. It was a piece we use to open our first set. Over the years, I have played it with several bands (the Guild, Miles Ahead, and my current trio) in variations of the original 1979 version. The recording here (done in March) is of the 2nd version of Exhileration that I did while in graduate school in 1980.

Trans Siberian Express started as a prelude for piano entitled "Prelude in 5/4" and was composed in the late 80s. Somewhere along the line I changed the name to its current title but don't remember why. At about the same time I changed the name of the piece, I was playing the piece through some of my synthesizers and got some pretty interesting effects. That led to experimenting with layering sounds to create the illusion of a train passing by. This version was completed in April of this year.

The Emperor's Nightengale was an improv I did in April after finishing Trans Siberian Express. I linked up several of my hardware and software synths and created this in less than an hour. It is currently one of my favorite pieces.

Floating on the Currents of Time is another improv that I recorded in May. I was reflecting on the passing of several friends over the last year and this is what transpired.

I hope you enjoy the music.

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